Where neither the dreams end nor the thoughts would dry.

Stretch my wings, when I fly.
Above the clouds, up in the sky.

I perch on the trees, tired when I get.
There I can see, all good things met.

When I fly long, I am on a song.
When I am high and far, I can see through doors ajar.
When the goods run dry, I just simply cry.

Confused, clearing the walls with astute deft.
Should I fly the right, or turn towards the left.

Vows are many they usually share,
Fight for breath, path they dare.
They talk butter and bread for all,
Values they feel stand very tall.

Thoughts of the right, show dreams very bright.
Building castles in air, but appear out of sight.
Waking up in utter dark, seemed a lonely lark.

Today’s children are the future leaders,
Living in big dreams, are tender as soft feathers.
What they really do see,
Is it a matter of glee?

They struggle and they bleed,
In the name of religion, caste and creed.
Vying for space, path of hatred,
Dying of hunger, illusion and greed.
Hindu, muslim, rich and poor,
Can’t they live together, with open door?
Who really makes the ball?
Goons, thugs whatever they call.

What happened to today’s youth?
Be it from north or from the distant south.
Always I find them glued to the telly,
Left with no desire burning in their belly.
Strolling down the mall with a pricey cell,
Life without which seems like a living hell.

Never do they hesitate sending a massive battalion,
No matter if they don’t bring us a single medallion.
Carrying with them bunch full of Hope,
All that they bring us is shame with traces of dope.
Succeeding in making it a national campaign,
Forgetting it soon which is but an absolute disdain.
Little do they realize,
The need of the hour.
Neglecting vital issues,
Sitting in ivory tower.

Cricket is like a national religion,
Pushing all else to solitary oblivion.
Every time the little master fails,
The entire nation sobs and wails.

Let there be one man with imagination,
Rather a whole bunch lying under illusion.
Often appearing on the telli in Gandhian attire,
Speaking on issues which becomes a satire.
Do they have the knowledge or the right desire?
Promises they never fulfill, neither do they care.
Let there one man with visions to share,
New beliefs and dreams that he deems to dare.
Let it be this man who values it to be an Indian,
Uniting us all within the cord of national union.

That time is not very far away,
When I simply wake up a day.
Finding things just as right as they say,
Prejudices of color and tongue all I can allay.
The nation will emerge stronger from this ordeal,
And all will work together with vigor and zeal.

I will again fly so high and high in the sky,
Where neither the dreams end nor the thoughts would dry.


I wrote this few years back.


My Little Valentine

With the pain so sweet, when she’s braving all odds.
There I stand at the door, praying to all the Gods.

Wish I could share her pain and cries, support her efforts and in her tries.
Wish I could do more and much, be there to calm her with my humble touch.

Time seemed to have come to a standstill,
I leave all to the almighty and his will.

While Kabiraj and his posse in there fighting it out,
I simply could’t wait to break in a twist or shout.

It was six past fifty-three,
That’s when finally she breaks free.

The lady opens the door with the tiny on her hand,
The moment I knew, it was the loveliest gift of the land.

I stopped thinking as tears were flowing through my eyes,
Wish I could hug everyone with feelings all so good and nice.

Yes, this was me and mine whilst all around froze,
I longed to cuddle her near my heart up and close.

Adorable as I saw her with fingers so slender and tiny,
God bless the little one with dreams very shiny.

I wished to speak to Him as He had answered to my call,
Father that I had just become, tremendously proud and tall.

Hallies that we glimpsed days ago, promised dreams very bright.
Nine months was a long wait, now I could not see her out of sight.

She will be all love personified, far as she is destined to go,
Her smile will win us all over, as she is everyone’s Nemo.

A Dream Start of My Day

I love waking up very early in the morning with the sounds of silence when everyone is in deep slumber. Get out into the open and feel the early morning chill. Stand barefoot on the grass with dew drops still on it as magical pearls left behind by heavenly angels. Breathe in the fresh air full of oxygen and let the chilly breeze touch my skin.

Keep looking at the eastern sky on the horizon where the early glow of light orange slowly start appearing and the changing hues and colors … the first rays of sun sneaking out of the misty mountains. The chirping of the birds …

The arrival of the milkman, the newspaperwallah, first cup of tea …

Wake up … It is the Real World!

Get inspired and feel blessed to start again a fresh new day.

A Lost World of Social Networking

Social norms these days have changed so drastically … I still remember during those days the neighborhood folks used to greet the elders in the family as “Jai Ram Ji Ki” while passing by. Often they would just stop by to share their joys and sorrows … Somehow  we felt a special bond and a great emotional connect with our neighbors. People would feel more secured and have the feeling of belongingness.

Social Networking apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp have brought around a huge revolution in the social networking pattern for the Gen X. Those not having a Facebook ID today are considered to be a social outcast. We crave to “Like” and “Comment” on individual situations and we term them as social networking.

Somewhere  deep down within we all are terribly lonely and living in our own islands. Greetings such as “Jai Ram Ji Ki” or “Kaisan Ba..” are a long lost part of social norms where people displayed their deepest respect for the neighborhood folks and be part of their joys and sorrows.

I am sure some of these thoughts must have crossed your minds as well.. So what can you do to make a difference? Not much … Just get out into the open and bring a big smile whenever confronted with your neighbor instead of “Like”-ing his status messages. Initially he may take you as an idiot, but with repeated attempts you never know he may return the same gesture to you and pass this over to some more who are around…      Believe me, it can be very infectious once successful!

What say?