Mouth Ulcers – Sore Spots

Those mystery little spots in the mouth can be so annoying and once these appear it takes days to disappear. These can be so bothersome that some of us end up skipping the usual meals at times. Well, I can vouch that there are other ways to lose weight if given an option.

These painful blisters can appear on the soft tissues inside the mouth – usually on the cheeks, lips & on the tongue and may take days to heal. Studies have suggested that nearly 20% of the world population suffers from this ailment at certain stages in their lives.

The objective of this article is to just chronicle the personal experience of the author and share with others. I would attempt to avoid clinical terms related to these occurrences and rather focus on remedies that have provided benefits. I have consulted many medical professional over the years and my experience suggests that not enough practical knowledge is available within the fraternity. Have tried several over-the-counter medications but cannot be so sure if they have provided a lasting relief. I realized that long terms beneficial results can be derived only by a combination of life style changes rather than depend on the over-the-counter medicines. A caveat here is that there is no magic pill as a solution for all ailments.

So where do we start? The first step is to get a better understanding of our own medical history and then consider the future remedial measures.

WARNING: One should consider taking expert medical advice if the situation warrants the need and do not resort to the over-the-counter medications.

The very first occurrences of these sore spots that I experienced were during my early childhood days. I never felt too bothered as the spots would usually vanish the very next day. What about my own medical history? I had suffered from Jaundice twice in rapid succession when I was roughly ten years old. It had taken few months for me to recover on both the occasions. My parents suspected that the disease may have played some tricks with the usual functioning of the liver. My senior school days were rather event free with these sore spots only occasionally appearing on the soft surfaces of the cheeks. I would be prescribed medication consisting of vitamin B complex along with vitamin B substances and folic acid. Subsequently I went for higher studies and stayed in hostel accommodations. Those were the carefree days where I felt liberated from the strict restrictions that were imposed at home. All that I was bothered were the class projects and I ended up burning the midnight oil for several days without caring too much about the food I consumed. The semester end exams were definitely stressful. Nonetheless health-wise I seldom felt so challenged that demanded expert medical attention during these years. Occasionally though I suffered from severe stomach gastric cramps that were attributed primarily to poor bowel movement habits and consumption of refined wheat flour products and the lack of dietary fibres.

Turning over another chapter in my life, I got my first job upon completion of my higher studies. It was a completely a different ball game now. Life was no longer that carefree as earlier. I was enjoying my work. But the biggest challenge I felt was the interpersonal relationship aspect at the workplace and in the neighborhood where I lived. This place was far away from my native. It was a complete culture shock for me dealing with people around me on a daily basis and I must say that I wasn’t prepared for that. The sore spots were back into my life with a significantly higher level of severity. I realized that the nature of stress that I was experiencing during this time was altogether different than what I had ever before.

I continue having these spots till this day with the difference that they appear not just on the cheek but on the lips, tongue, gums and even on the cavity surfaces. These take quite a lot of time to heal and taking spicy food aggravate the pain further. That continually painful burning sensation in the mouth can be so traumatic that it takes a toll on someone’s health physically and mentally.

Well that’s all about my sob story. Let me not add anything further but discuss the remedial measures hereafter.

I have observed that prior to the appearances of these bothersome spots inside my mouth, I go through a bout of constipation. Constipation that extends beyond few days is the first alarm bell for this perennial issue. Let me take an example of a car that gets its energy from gasoline fuel. What happens if something goes wrong with the exhaust system? The emitting gases can be harmful to the environment. Don’t expect a good mileage from this car in such a situation. Now you will be wondering what might be the relationship between this and our body. Well, the analogy is simple.

The first and foremost the bowel movement habit has to be fixed. This is fundamental to improving the recurrence of these bothersome sores. Why so? If we do not expel the toxic waste material produced by our body they may get reabsorbed by our system. It is essential that we expel them on time every time. The bowel movement habit can be disturbed due to a combination of several things. It can be lack of fibre rich food in our daily diet. At the very first onset of stressful circumstance in our lives there is a direct impact in our gut flora. The food travelling through our gut system gets digested and is broken down to allow the essential minerals and vitamins get absorbed by our system. This is helped by the presence of bacteria that make the intestine their home. Some of these are good and some are not so good for our system. Our endeavor should be to maintain a healthy gut system. We need to add probiotic substance in our daily diet. Probiotic contain certain microorganism that helps maintaining a good gut flora. It can be in the form of yogurt, curd or a over-the-counter probiotic pill prescribed by a certified medical practitioner. If any of you consider taking probiotic pills from time to time, suggest not having it for too long a duration. The primary goal should be to allow the body parts to function well naturally. The probiotic pills taken for few days will help improve your gut flora then you should give a break and allow your system to work naturally. At times we may need to take over-the-counter laxatives to help with the bowel movement. Adding leafy green vegetables in our daily diet is extremely important in helping with the bowel habits. It has been observed that those following a sedentary lifestyle suffer from this ailment more often, so taking regular exercise helps.

Are we drinking enough water? I am a poor water drinker myself. It is typical in our busy work schedule when we tend to forget to drink enough water. Usually the water content in the food passing through our intestines gets absorbed leading to hardening of the stools and difficult to pass. If we keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day, the excess water helps softening of our stools that is easier to pass.

Let us now understand if the liver is functioning as it is supposed to. The liver and the gall bladder work together to digest the food we take. The liver helps in processing of the food, helps us in detoxification of the chemicals and production of protein elements that are essential for miscellaneous functions of our body. There are times when I have taken help of homeopathy with beneficial results. Combination drops of Chellidonium 30 and Hydrastis 30 diluted in a half a cup of water taken for a few days may be helpful.

The next stage would be to understand if the body is getting the right dose of vitamins from the food that we are taking, particularly the B12 family of vitamins. I was advised to take a blood test to ascertain deficiency of Vitamin B12 and subsequently was prescribed Vitamin B12 shots (4 shots spanned over a month). Zinc and Iron deficiency may also lead to these occurrences. So tests should be conducted to confirm this and medication taken thereafter after consulting a doctor.

I was talking about stress. In the times that we live today, we cannot avoid this. This is a hard fact that I have realized after so many years. Our response to any stressful circumstance is entirely influenced by how we are brought up right from our early learning phases of life. Some of us respond to these situations in a fashion that is matured and move on without much sulking. People who are of introverted nature suffer the most as their response to these circumstances makes them stressed out. This is where we need to undertake certain lifestyle changes. Yoga, pranayama, breathing exercises and other forms of physical movements help us greatly. This is serious business. We need to ensure to have sufficient sleep during the night. Homeopathy remedy – four pills of Kali Phos 6x taken three or four times per day for a week helps improving the anxiety levels in our body. This is a well known tissue salt that helps in balancing our sleep pattern. We should never resort to popping sleeping pills as we may end up making it a habit.

What do we do once these sore spots appear?

Well, I have tried different things at different times.

  1. As soon as I realize that a spot is about to appear, I take Homeopathy Remedy – Merc Sol. 200 (2 drops twice a day for five days).
  2. I keep a tube of Dologel CT (manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Lab) always handy. This works as an anesthetic agent to reduce the pain and also has antiseptic properties to help heal. It can burn initially when applied to the sore.
  3. Homeopathy remedy – few drops of Nux Vom 30 taken roughly three to four times a day for a couple of days has helped me ease from constipation problem.
  4. Avoid commercially available mouthwash and instead brush your teeth as often as possible. Rinsing the mouth with lukewarm salt water prevents the bacteria to settle inside the mouth and helps with the healing process.
  5. Rinsing the mouth with clarified butter (ghee) helps relieving the pain and healing.
  6. I am told that rinsing with gingelly oil also helps, but I have never tried myself.
  7. Add beetroot and green leafy (spinach) salad in your daily diet.
  8. Take lots and lots of water – stay hydrated.
  9. Having Amla (Indian Gooseberry) in any form on a daily basis helps.
  10. One of my homeopathy doctors used to give a single dose of Sulphuric Acid (Q) whenever I visited him. It worked miraculously and the bothersome spots disappeared the very next day.
  11. Another remedy that I felt helpful is Salt Water Flush of the Colon – also known as Colon Cleansing usually done once a month. It detoxifies the entire gastro-intestinal tract and balances the pH level. Access this Article. Demonstration of Salt Water Flush.
  12. Sole Water: In our busy lifestyle of these days we hardly get the essential natural minerals elements into our system. Drinking Sole Water everyday morning can be a very good habit for the entire family. This helps compensate for the essential minerals into our body. Access the article here.

I will keep adding to this as and when I find something new. I am hoping that you find this material useful.

You may leave your comments if there is anything new on this subject so that others suffering from this ailment get benefited.