My Little Valentine

With the pain so sweet, when she’s braving all odds.
There I stand at the door, praying to all the Gods.

Wish I could share her pain and cries, support her efforts and in her tries.
Wish I could do more and much, be there to calm her with my humble touch.

Time seemed to have come to a standstill,
I leave all to the almighty and his will.

While Kabiraj and his posse in there fighting it out,
I simply could’t wait to break in a twist or shout.

It was six past fifty-three,
That’s when finally she breaks free.

The lady opens the door with the tiny on her hand,
The moment I knew, it was the loveliest gift of the land.

I stopped thinking as tears were flowing through my eyes,
Wish I could hug everyone with feelings all so good and nice.

Yes, this was me and mine whilst all around froze,
I longed to cuddle her near my heart up and close.

Adorable as I saw her with fingers so slender and tiny,
God bless the little one with dreams very shiny.

I wished to speak to Him as He had answered to my call,
Father that I had just become, tremendously proud and tall.

Hallies that we glimpsed days ago, promised dreams very bright.
Nine months was a long wait, now I could not see her out of sight.

She will be all love personified, far as she is destined to go,
Her smile will win us all over, as she is everyone’s Nemo.


Author: chowdhurysudip

I am fond of simple things in life. Right from waking up very early and listen to the sounds of silence when everyone is sound asleep, look at the morning dew drops on the green grass leaves like magic pearls from heaven, chirping of the birds and what else ... read my blogs ... Like they say "God's Love. It is so wonderful."

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