A Lost World of Social Networking

Social norms these days have changed so drastically … I still remember during those days the neighborhood folks used to greet the elders in the family as “Jai Ram Ji Ki” while passing by. Often they would just stop by to share their joys and sorrows … Somehow  we felt a special bond and a great emotional connect with our neighbors. People would feel more secured and have the feeling of belongingness.

Social Networking apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp have brought around a huge revolution in the social networking pattern for the Gen X. Those not having a Facebook ID today are considered to be a social outcast. We crave to “Like” and “Comment” on individual situations and we term them as social networking.

Somewhere  deep down within we all are terribly lonely and living in our own islands. Greetings such as “Jai Ram Ji Ki” or “Kaisan Ba..” are a long lost part of social norms where people displayed their deepest respect for the neighborhood folks and be part of their joys and sorrows.

I am sure some of these thoughts must have crossed your minds as well.. So what can you do to make a difference? Not much … Just get out into the open and bring a big smile whenever confronted with your neighbor instead of “Like”-ing his status messages. Initially he may take you as an idiot, but with repeated attempts you never know he may return the same gesture to you and pass this over to some more who are around…      Believe me, it can be very infectious once successful!

What say?


Author: chowdhurysudip

I am fond of simple things in life. Right from waking up very early and listen to the sounds of silence when everyone is sound asleep, look at the morning dew drops on the green grass leaves like magic pearls from heaven, chirping of the birds and what else ... read my blogs ... Like they say "God's Love. It is so wonderful."

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