A Dream Start of My Day

I love waking up very early in the morning with the sounds of silence when everyone is in deep slumber. Get out into the open and feel the early morning chill. Stand barefoot on the grass with dew drops still on it as magical pearls left behind by heavenly angels. Breathe in the fresh air full of oxygen and let the chilly breeze touch my skin.

Keep looking at the eastern sky on the horizon where the early glow of light orange slowly start appearing and the changing hues and colors … the first rays of sun sneaking out of the misty mountains. The chirping of the birds …

The arrival of the milkman, the newspaperwallah, first cup of tea …

Wake up … It is the Real World!

Get inspired and feel blessed to start again a fresh new day.


Author: chowdhurysudip

I am fond of simple things in life. Right from waking up very early and listen to the sounds of silence when everyone is sound asleep, look at the morning dew drops on the green grass leaves like magic pearls from heaven, chirping of the birds and what else ... read my blogs ... Like they say "God's Love. It is so wonderful."

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